Some Significant Features of Pokdeng

Pokdeng is a traditional Chinese card game popular in many Asian countries, but it has also spread worldwide. It is played by two or four players and lasts for ten rounds, each running for about three minutes.

The winner of each round is the one that collects all their opponent’s cards first and presents them their hand to show victory as a ป๊อกเด้ง. The following details will go over the significance of some features of the Pokdeng Card Game.

The Card Suits

  • Four card suits in Pokdeng Card Game are Wealth, Gold, Money, and treasure. All of the players should be able to identify these card suits by the color of each card.
  • The cards of different suits have different values and can be used as capture cards.
  • In addition, a player is allowed only to play a card if it has a higher value than the cards.

The Number of Cards in Each Suit

For each game round to end, players must collect all cards from their opponent (a minimum of three cards from different suits). If the player cannot capture all their opponent’s cards, the game will end. The number of cards in each suit is 6 for Wealth, 5 for Gold, 4 for Money, and 3 for treasure.

The Prize for Winning Each Round

  • As stated, winning a round means collecting all the opponent’s cards.
  • The winner of each round will take the entire pile of cards from their opponent.
  • If the winner cannot take the entire pile of cards, then they will only be able to take a maximum of three cards from their opponent’s pile.

Choosing an Opponent

When only playing with two players, both players can choose a male or female to be the dealer. Each player is assigned a separate seat when playing with four players and will sit in the same order throughout the game. The players will also rotate seats after each round.

The Number of Rounds

  • The Pokdeng Card Game has ten rounds, but there are rules for ending the game before completion.
  • If a player collects all their opponent’s cards within the first three rounds, it is considered as winning.
  • Each round will only last about three minutes, so the game ends in about 30 minutes if four players play it.

The Different Cards

Three unique cards can be played at any time. These special cards are: “4 of Treasure”, “4 of Money,” and “4 of Gold”. All three unique cards should be kept secret from the other players until they are needed to win a round.

Pokdeng Card Game is an exciting game that allows players to exercise their brains and allow them to think strategically. It does not require much movement so players can stay seated for most of the duration. There are a lot of different versions of the Pokdeng Card Game out there, but all are pretty similar to the traditional game. Going over some significant features of Pokdeng will help new players understand the basics and allow them to play quickly.

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