RTP and Volatility– What’s The Difference?

If you are a gambler and love making money on online slots, you must have heard terms like RTP and volatility. These two are the most fundamental terms and are very important if you want to understand this game. Moreover, it will also help you get the maximum winnings if you win in a game. You can play your slot at the judi slot online. Let’s know what this term stands for.

What is RTP?

RTP stands for Return to Player rate. It is different for different machines, and all games include this. This term tells you the percentage of the money you will get for the total money you wagered. In easy money, it is the money casino pays back to the player. It is just the opposite of the calculation of House Edge. Most slot games have RTP in the range of 94-98%, which means the house will return this per cent to the money you gambled.

Calculation of RTP is easy. You can do it, but the amount returned to the player is divided by the total gambled money. So you should always choose games with high RTP, which will benefit your winnings. RTP also helps you trust online slot games at judi slot online as it tells you the percentage of payouts before starting the game.

Volatility and its types

It is also a crucial factor when we consider payout structure. But it is very different from RTP. This term tells you the risk of losing your bets and money invested in the game. On the other hand, it will also tell you the chances of winning your game. There are three different types of volatility- low, medium and high. It is determined by self-observation and experience.

Low volatility

These games have more chances of winning. Although you don’t get many high payouts, you will get more chances of winning. Payouts can be 200 times your bet. This is loved by players who are a newbie or don’t like to take high risks. You could easily manage your bankrolls and play for a long time. One disadvantage is that these games don’t offer large jackpots.

Medium volatility

These are the mixture of both games. You may find these games frustrating, but these games offer high winnings. In addition, these games come with the advantage of bonuses. Many types of bonuses are distributed among players. You can find decent games here, and you will also love them.

High volatility

These games are loved by players who have dreamed of becoming billionaires and are willing to take high risks. Unfortunately, these games rarely pay and charge you high expense fees for a single game. Although chances of winning are low, you will always have hope of winning as it will cover your losses and may change your life around. You may even get 10,000 times the money you bet.

These games are worth trying. You could win big from a single game. But, you need some practice, plan your strategies, apply it to your games, stick to your budget and start playing today.

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